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I’m Livia Farkas and I’ve been publishing my articles in Hungarian at urban:eve since 2008 & teaching personal development courses since 2014.

I love figuring out ways to look at things differently, and I have a knack for discovering patterns in the way people work, and use these to create a better life for themselves.

For the first time in 2017, I’ll bring these courses to you in English.

Stay tuned!

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Plant The Life You Want

Get on top of your schedule, reduce planning stress,
and finally get long-term relief from overwhelm
with my tried-and-tested toolkit of time management techniques.

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Also in the pipeline…

Sails Up! Is a 6 week online course that helps you realise your goals. From defining where you are right now, figuring out where you want to go & map out your way leading to your dreams, Sails up! is there with you every step of the way. Battling sea monsters and being the captain of your ship, this wonderfully designed, imaginative course brings much needed fun to goal setting!