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How many lives are you living at once?

You have a full-time job, a household to run, a degree to pursue, a relationship and/or a family to maintain. And it would be great if you had some time to spend on yourself, too. Your life was last simple when you were a teenager — or maybe not even then. But no school prepared you for having to juggle 3+ full-time lives at once.

At one point, you realized there’s no way you can give 100% to every single part of your life, so you started looking for solutions — but each proved to be worth as much as duct tape on a building that badly needs a refurb.

Then, one day, when every room in your home is full of overflowing stacks of notes, you get a phone call just as you arrive home exhausted. Something’s happened — at your job, in your family, with your kid. Your week, month, year is suddenly turned upside down. You have ten seconds to make a decision and reorganize your plans.

But you just stand there, frozen. Thoughts swirl around in your hand. What are you going to do now? Where to start untangling the system that just fell apart?

And maybe what happened isn’t wrong, quite the opposite: you got a huge promotion and you have to relocate, your business took off and you have a sudden influx of clients, or you have a brand new family member. You’re at the same fork in the road: everything in your life just changed. How do you change your priorities? Where do you even start with replanning?

Sound familiar?

Just think about how your world would be if this whole issue didn’t exist. You can let go of work at the end of the day knowing you have your tasks sorted and organised, and what order you need to do them in the next day. When you get a new task, you can place it in a well-oiled system without thinking. And when that phone call comes, you can relax: things might be about to fall apart, but you know exactly how to make space in your life to accommodate for the change, however big.

That probably seems like a huge leap. But I know it can be done – because I’ve been through this journey.

I recognized early that I need to figure out how to juggle many different roles in life.

I was in third grade when I got my first notebook for the specific purpose of keeping track of my school and afterschool workload and social tasks. I wasn’t even ten and I already figured things aren’t gonna get simpler as I get older. (Spoiler alert: They didn’t.)

I used planners and post-its for years, and I started to feel like I was managing — if barely. But then I had to start over when I moved 200 miles to start university, while starting my own household and setting up the first incarnation of urban:eve — the blog which then gradually turned into the company I run today.

As my life became more complex, I thought I just needed to come up with better methods to deal with it. I experimented with everything from colour-coded lists to various types of calendars and time management apps.

But at one point I realised that the reason I was spreading myself thin wasn’t about what planner I had, the time management system I tried, or that my pens weren’t the right colour.

Instead, it was about my approach to dealing with my tasks.

I was overwhelmed because I wanted to be everything for everyone.

I was saying yes to every work offer because I was afraid of missing out on opportunities.

I was saying yes to requests from anyone I knew, because I was afraid of what they’d think about me if I said no.

No wonder I felt miserable. My schedule was full of things I didn’t actually want or needed to do — I just felt I should be doing them.

Change only came after I realised that time is the only asset I can never get more of, and that valuing my time goes hand-in-hand with valuing myself.

For the next almost ten years, I shared my experiences with more than a hundred thousand women through my blog. And during that time I got emails from students, moms, mompreneurs, newlyweds, people who live alone and people who live in three-generation households, all asking for advice on how to make the most of the limited hours in the day, how to juggle between all the shoulds and wants, how to get through the big changes that come in life.

These conversations all led me to the conclusion that I was nowhere near alone with this. Countless other women of all ages and life situations were also struggling with having too much to do while feeling too guilty to change anything.

What I realised was that no time management system can work without first getting rid of what’s preventing us from putting them into practice.

That’s when I took a step back and looked at everything that I’d learned — and unlearned — about time management, planning and all the mental and emotional obstacles that inevitably come up when dealing with our time.

And by doing this, I was able to build a toolset that is open and flexible and that people in any life situation can use to break through their time management blocks and get to a point where they can truly implement change in their lives.

It was a long road, but it was so worth it. Today, my schedule is not something that I feel is forced on me — it’s a tool that helps me thrive. I can plan ahead in business, in my personal and home life, and allow myself to rest, too. I know my limits, how much I can take on, and if I have to say no or delegate something, I have the confidence to do so. And when something new comes in or I have a lot of planning to do, my stomach doesn’t tie up in a knot anymore — I can accommodate for any change almost immediately, because I have my priorities straight. I finally feel in control even when there’s chaos around me.

The myths that hold you back from
taking control of your time

Over the past 9 years of devising flexible approaches to planning, I’ve talked to hundreds of people to find out what they struggle with when it comes to managing their time.

And after a while I started noticing a pattern. When someone said “Oh, you’re so organized, I could never do that” and I started digging, I would find one of the big planning myths underneath that held that person back from taking control of their schedule. Myths like:



This myth is based on the false assumption that time management is genetically inherited. In fact, it has nothing to do with genetics — planning is a skill like any other.

And that’s great news, because if it is a skill, you can learn it. And you’ll see how quickly conscious planning can become a new, positive habit in your life.

Also, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve practised. Successful time management comes down to whether you have the right approach and whether you have a toolkit you can apply to your life. If you start off on the right base, and look at your time like the biggest asset in your life, you’ve already passed your most important milestone.


This is a fear I can totally understand. The way most paper planners and even apps are built up suggests that the most important rule of time management is to be punctual and precise.

If you treat planning as something that is there for your benefit (instead of the other way around), you can turn planning from a boring and strict necessity into an asset that sets you free. You might find that planning done right can give you much wiggle room to improvise and be spontaneous – it can even be fun.

At the end of the day, you put your plans into writing so they’re right in front of you when you need them, and so you don’t have to spend mental energy to keep everything in your head all the time. That’s it. Once you have that information in your hand, you can do whatever you want with it. You’re in control.


It’s true that things will never go the way you plan them. But that’s not why you plan them.

No one’s life follows a predetermined path (that would be SO boring!), and that really comes to the forefront when you have plans in writing and have to make changes or cross things off.

But that’s actually a perfect reminder that our lives are complex, that we’re not all-knowing fortune tellers, and that it’s perfectly okay to figure things out as we go along. Knowing that nothing is set in stone can actually be liberating — letting go of the dream of a perfect predetermined life makes way for a flexible and happy one.


When you’ve tried a lot of methods and none of them work, what you need is not another method, but a new approach. You need to take a step back and look at your life with fresh eyes.

It’s a basic reflex to try and keep grinding even when we’re exhausted, but that rarely bears fruit. It may sound counterproductive at first, but the real solution to an overwhelming schedule is to change how you work. And at the end of the process you might find that you actually have less work than before.


You can’t build a house on unstable ground. Similarly, you need know what grounds your time management should be built on — like what your limits are, where your boundaries are set, where your priorities lie. Only then will you be able to find the system to build on that base.

The good news is that when you do have the basics sorted out, you’re done with most of the work. And then, finding a planning system that matches your style and fits your life becomes much easier.

These are the most common myths keeping people from moving toward a life free of scheduling stress. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what’s holding you back. What’s important is to realise it’s a myth, and not to let it influence your next steps.

You can choose to experiment — roll the dice and hope for the result you want to materialise. Or instead, you can take conscious action to steer your life in a direction that leads towards your goals.

Today, I know exactly what tools work for not only me but the more than 3120 people who have chosen to learn the various elements of my toolkit. But it took 15 years of hard work to get where I am now, and I’m happy to save you the time spent with trial and error.

Remember: If you keep doing what you’re doing now, using the same mindset, you’ll get the same results as you’re getting now.

If you already have a steady hand on all areas of your life, you never make haphazard decisions you later regret, you are comfortable with saying no and delegating, and you can face all the tasks and challenges your life throws your way, all without a shadow of stress — then great, keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you know that some (or all) of these areas of your life need improvement, then you’ll do yourself a huge favour if you take another look at how you’re managing your tasks, where your time leaks are, and just how much daily stress you can free yourself from. You’ll thank yourself in the long term.

Introducing Plant the Life You Want

Your schedule is not a factory you work for.
It’s a garden with your most precious seeds – and you’re the gardener!

Plant The Life You Want is a two-week online training program where I help you take back control over your schedule so you can make time for what’s really important in your life right now.

During this implementation-focused course, I will walk you through my most effective toolkit of time management and planning techniques so you can instantly reduce stress, feel relieved, and build a better system for yourself that enables you to keep on track in the long term.

The core training consists of two action-packed modules filled with practical techniques, printable workbooks and other digital extras. You can access the training from any part of the world and on any device — your computer, laptop, tablet or your phone –, the only thing you need is an internet connection.

The course is paced so you don’t get bogged down with too much information at once. And if something comes up, don’t worry — you get lifetime access to Plant The Life You Want, so you won’t miss anything and you can return to the course materials anytime you want.

Most personal development courses are about creating new habits and adding new structures to your life. But the thing I’ve noticed is that for most people, before you can add anything new, you first have to let things go — inner blocks, assumptions and reflexes that you bring from childhood experience, school conditioning, or simply people telling you what they think is ‘normal’.

Many so-called life rules of the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ type are just sitting there in the back of your head, and real breakthroughs happen when you learn to shine a light on these limiting beliefs and help them on their way.

The course relies on the skill set that I’ve built up and found to be the most effective out there. Unlike other courses where you can only make use of the techniques if your life is exactly the same as the tutor’s, the methods in Plant The Life You Want can be applied to any life situation. And if your life changes or turns upside down in six months or two years, you can revisit the techniques and find new perspectives.

What exactly is inside the Plant the Life You Want course?

The first week is called Quit Watering the Weeds, where you’ll learn powerful techniques to free your schedule so you can make way for the things that are actually important:

  • Technique #1 is Your Time Snapshot, a technique that gives you instant insight into your recurring schedule and reveals how much time you really have (plus it works even if you never have a ‘typical week’)
  • Technique #2 is Weed-B-Gone, where I help you identify the time leaks you can patch up right now, as well as the distractions you can cut out.
  • Technique #3 is Put Up the Scarecrow, where I reveal what saying no really says about you — and it’s not what you think. 🙂 You’ll learn the one check-in question to add to your day to stop saying yes all the time. I also show you how to politely decline things you don’t want to do, and why it’s okay for you to say no in the first place. If you have a hard time saying no, this one’s for you.
  • Since I know that most of us can use extra help in saying no, this lesson also comes with the list of the 12 types of tasks you can say no to, and the one check-in question you need to give up the habit of automatically agreeing to take everything on your plate.
  • Technique #4 is Invite the Friendly Bees is all about one of the simplest ways to free up time, which, paradoxically, most of us never get around to. In this lesson, I show you why your ability to delegate has more to do with you than others, and how to bust through the blocks that keep you from being able to delegate efficiently.
  • BONUS: To help you with your delegating, I’ll also provide you with the Master List of Delegable Tasks, and the Delegation Checklist, a surefire method to make it easier for others to help you.

When it came to my goals I used to say ‘I’ll do it later, when I have time.’ But ‘later’ never came. That’s when Livia’s sentence ‘Time is not something you have but something you make’ really hit home.

Then, with the Time Snapshot technique I could take a fresh look at the change going on in my life right now, and based on that I could create a new schedule that has fixed times for housework and my personal goals. This helped me give a new order to my life and time doesn’t slip out of my hands anymore.” – Györgyi H. Kertész

In the second week, Nurture Your Seedlings, you’ll learn ways to make sure the time you freed up in the first week is put to the best possible use.

  • Technique #1 is Miracle Growth for the Gardener (that’s you!), where I show you how to prioritise tasks that are most important to you – and why self-care is not selfish. You’ll learn how to set up your personal Quota System so your to-do list never overflows again.
  • For this lesson, I also provide you with The Urgency Checklist and The Importance Checklist, which you can use to know exactly where to slot your tasks in your schedule when they appear in your life. If you often can’t figure out what to do first, you’ll love these.
  • Technique #2 is the Planner’s Almanac, where you’ll learn how to find the planning method that best fits your needs. Most planning courses force one specific system on you (a type of calendar or app) that may or may not come to you naturally. Instead, I show you how to find a system that you’re compatible with. You’ll also learn how to use the difference between time planning and time tracking to your advantage.
  • In Technique #3, called Don’t Let Your Plan(t)s Wither, I’ll share the huge mistake most people make when told to ‘make themselves accountable’. Then, you’ll learn 6 ways to stop procrastinating & sabotaging yourself when you get started on your tasks.
  • Finally, Technique #4: Your Permission Slip, is a simple but effective method to keep self-care your priority when making your short- and long-term plans. You’ll also receive the Permission Formulas, scripts you can use as daily reminders to keep your approach to yourself gentle and forgiving in all areas of your life.

I needed the Planner’s Almanac so much! Why did I think I have to keep track of every single thing across all my calendars? That’s the pressure I had on my shoulders before learning this technique. I thought planners could only be used for scheduling appointments. Now I feel like a whole new world has opened up.” – Timea Ambrus

And that’s not all. Though Plant the Life You Want officially starts on the 16th of October, when you join the course you’ll also get instant access to Week Zero — The Garden Shed, which contains these special bonuses:

  • Bonus #1 is The Digital Inspiration Kit — Daily reminders are the best ways to adopt new habits, so in order to help you with that, I’ve created a batch of beautiful computer and mobile backgrounds as well as printable planner pages so you can immerse yourself in the strongest takeaways and keep your course goals in front of you at all times.

  • Bonus #2 is The Machete Sorting Technique – This 4-step mini-course is the strongest method I know to braindump, sort and clear your task list in 15 minutes.
  • Bonus #3 is access to the Plant the Life You Want Facebook community, where you can bounce ideas and experience off of your fellow adventurers.
  • Stuck? I’ll help! Your final bonus is that your course membership comes with 60-day priority e-mail access to me. If you get stuck at any part of your journey, you can write me an e-mail describing the obstacle you ran into and I’ll help you get through it.

I used to be a hopeless Frodo Backpackins, I had so many different notebooks and planners with me all the time, I was a laughing stock on the bus if I had to do the groceries on top of carrying my whole life with me. Based on the advice you gave me, I ditched them all for a specific ring-bound planner that fit all my needs.” – Eva Jasko

Finally, if you join the VIP tier of the course, you’ll also get access to an entire extra module with a host of advanced materials to supercharge the effects of the work you put into the core modules.

Week Three – Advanced Gardening includes three bonus techniques to help you past your core training:

  • VIP Technique #1 is The Time Tracker – If your schedule looks clear but your time still gets lost along the way, use this advanced time tracking method to see where your time leaks out of your week.
  • VIP Technique #2 is Leave Time to Grow – When we’re able to free up time, we often fall into the trap of putting in more work, not less. This bonus lesson is about why and how you can schedule rest without guilt.
  • VIP Technique #3 is Explore Your Secret Seed Inventory – In this final, powerful technique, I show you how to unlock your secret stash of long-lost dreams and wishes you might not have even thought you had.

I’m at home with my kids, and I’d lie if I said I have no time. But I wasn’t getting ahead with my plans, my days just slipped away. The Time Tracker and the Permission Slip changed all that. I now know that I was limiting my free time in order to force myself to some fake standard.

I still only have a couple hours to myself each day, but I’m more productive, I can focus on getting things done, and I can recharge. I finally allow myself to be myself, and I don’t blame my kids’ bad days on them anymore. My relationship with them has greatly improved.

– Livia Nemeth

What my past students have said about the techniques in this course

To date, over 3120 people have enrolled in one of my courses. Here’s what some of my previous students have said about the techniques inside Plant the Life You Want:

I used to forget everything. I’m not a machine, and many times I’m at work when I suddenly remember what I need to pack two weeks later or that I need to book an appointment with the dentist. Before, even if I got to writing my tasks on paper, I would lose it and end up travelling without a toothbrush. Since taking Livia’s course, I see my tasks more clearly, and I now finish my work projects with a much lower margin of error.

– Maria Csiszar

I used to try to keep everything in my head, but chaos ruled my life. I now have a system where I expect things to more or less happen according to plan. I no longer have that feeling of ‘There’s just too much to do!’ It’s on paper and I can see how my whole week is structured. I don’t agree when people say ‘Why bother scheduling when you have kids? Everything’s gonna turn upside down anyway.’ You can plan the time you have outside of the children — and now that I do, I can finally make the most of it.

– Emilia Goldberg

Livia has taught me that I need alone time, and that spending time on myself doesn’t automatically mean that I’m a selfish pig with evil plans to take over the world. This shift dramatically improved my relationship with my partner. I can now express myself and take a stance, and he appreciates this. Ever since I’ve started spending more time on myself, our relationship has become deeper and more caring.

– Beatrix Revhelyi

In theory I’ve known that many small steps are worth more than one large leap, but it’s a different thing to experience that in practice. Livia has shown me that I don’t need to plan everything down to the last second just to start heading towards a goal. As a result, even though I felt I wasn’t ready one bit, I was still able to start towards my life’s biggest goal with confidence.

– Anna Baranyai

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The complete Plant The Life You Want course The complete Plant The Life You Want course
Downloadable worksheets and printables Downloadable worksheets and printables
Week Zero Bonuses Week Zero Bonuses
Unlimited access to the course site Unlimited access to the course site
Digital Inspiration Kit Digital Inspiration Kit
Facebook community Facebook community
60-day priority e-mail access 60-day priority e-mail access
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There are a lot of time management and planning courses out there. Some of them make big claims – some of them make ridiculous claims. 🙂

While Plant the Life You Want contains the best techniques I personally know to make your life easier to manage, that remains theory until you try it out. At the end of the day, everything comes down to you actually getting in there and getting first-hand experience.

If you’re not sure that Plant the Life You Want is something you can apply to your life, I’ve got your back. With your purchase you get a 14-day no-questions-asked guarantee.

What this means in practice is that you can try out the entire course before deciding if it works for you or not. If you decide that Plant the Life You Want is not for you at all and let me know before midnight on the 14th day from your purchase, I will refund your entire investment.


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You might be thinking, “Well, that was inspiring, I’ll do something about it later.” Or, “I don’t need help with this, I can figure it out on my own.” And yes, you might find out on your own eventually.

But be honest with yourself for a moment: how many months, how many years has it been since you’ve been struggling with your tasks? With your schedule? With the chaos? How many times have you promised yourself to take back control over your life?

The fact that you’ve read this page this far tells me that you know it’s time for change, and that you probably won’t be able to do it on your own — or else you wouldn’t be reading this. I’m here and I’m happy to help — and so is everyone else who you can join on this journey.

And don’t forget — there’s no risk. You have a guarantee.

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